Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hey, chase me, chase me!

Well... so... an update! It's been a little while, huh?

Well, it's not like I haven't been busy... but xmas kind of got in the way a little bit, so there wasn't really that much to report. I won't be doing an amazingly insightful entry this time either - mainly because i'm absolutely exhausted. Being ill kills your muse a little.

So, what's happened to me lately?

Oh, yeah.

I've just been talking to a local musician, Tony Haven, who is a brilliant guitar player and very successful, which is good. I'm going to be starting work on his website and some illustrations for T-Shirts, etc. as soon as I get back up to Plymouth. I'm really looking forwards to working on it!

The reason for me not being in Plymouth presently is that I came down to go to a Moonlet and the Love-monks gig, who were pretty bloody awesome. (I'm not just biased because Dan's my boyfriend, lol, they're genuinely awesome.) So if you ever get a chance to listen to their songs or, better yet, go to a gig, take it! I promise you an absolutely brilliant time. I'll be working on updating their site pretty soon, if Dan prods me enough, lol.

Other than that, i've been working on getting myself publicised a bit more. I might (might!) be in the West Briton pretty soon, with a few of my pictures. Nothing special, just to let people know I exist, lol. I've also had a good bit of interest through my lovely mummy, who kindly models her bag and mug I made for her for xmas with a bespoke illustration everywhere she can. I'll be making up some flyers pretty soon to advertise that side of things, probably after i've made some progress with Tony's site.

Apart from that, it's all steadly ticking along. I'm slowly building up my Advocate portfolio, but i'm pretty sure there must be a problem with my email or something, since everytime I send something, I don't seem to get any answer from them... never mind. It'll all be gravy.

Now, I won't leave you with a little spot about another fave illustrator of mine, because i'm about ready to collapse on this keyboard, so instead, i'll leave you with this.


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