Monday, 30 January 2012

Whenever you come home you light a little fire, a little fire barely enough to burn you.

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year - it seems like ages ago now.

It also seems like it's been ages since I updated or did anything to my facebook page, but I assure you, behind the scenes I have been very busy. The commissions I've taken on over Xmas are coming along nicely - I should be finished with them both very soon.

However, I have made life harder by giving myself a lot of New Years' resolutions! I've been working as hard as I can at my part time job, but i've also started going to the gym. And on top of that, i've made a resolution to be more social, and less of a prickly cow, so i'm busy with socialising too. =3

I think i'm doing pretty well, but we'll have to see how long I keep it all up, lol.

Art wise, I have pretty much been working non-stop on a commission for Keep It Secret! which should be unveiled pretty soon. Here's a little preview!

I'm also trying my best to get some prints done and sent up to them pretty soon. I'm terrible at getting prints done, but i'm making some headway with these and they should be ready in the next week. =]

In between all the artwork, part time work, socialising and exercising, I have done a few little pieces for myself. I'd go absolutely mad otherwise. =3

I got a new calendar around New Year (as you do) and it's one with pictures of my favourite manga group, CLAMP. So as another little resolution, i've decided i'm going to do one Fan Art a month, depending on what the series is that month. I want to do this because I think it'll be a good way to be able to draw just for fun, and it's good practice for drawing anyways. This month is Gate 7 (google it, it's amazing!) so I drew a pic of the cute Hana.

And this is another little doodle I drew the other day while waiting patiently for my computer to keep up with saving a massive 6ft banner. I re-drew it in Illustrator, and i'm planning on colouring it as soon as I get a chance:

Now, you may or may not have noticed, but my website hasn't been up and running for a little while. That was because I was switching it over to a new server, which is part of another little project I will soon be working on. I won't tell you anymore for now, but watch this space! But you'll be pleased to know that is now back up and running. =D

Last but not least, i'll just direct your attention to a few Moonlet gigs coming up soon!

They'll be playing at Finn M'Couls in Falmouth, on the 15th of Febuary, and then The B-Bar in Plymouth on the 17th. I'd love to see you all there, especially in Plymouth! Please come on down to either if you're in the area; I guarantee an absolutely amazing time. =D