Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Like a Salmon swimming upstream...

Hey there, Sports fans!

(I'm not a sports fan...)

Anyway... some exciting news, I guess! Dan says i'm not bragging about this enough, so here I am, telling you about it. =P

A month ago, I emailed NEO magazine, which is the UK's only Anime, Manga and Asian Film magazine. I sent them some of my stuff, and asked them if they'd like to use it, and now i'm going to be featured in their 'Artists Showcase' feature! Look out for it on the 21st of April - you may find it in the Anime section of HMV, just above all the DVDs, and in most newsagents. You'll definitely find it in WHSmiths. Even if you don't buy it, just pick it up and have a shufty, kay?

So, apart from that, I'm going to be pretty busy with life this month. We're moving back down to Cornwall by the 29th of April, and in that time, we've got to move all our stuff down, sort out our finances and stuff, as well as a lot of family and friends things which I have to see and do. So I probably won't have time to do any real artwork. Although, saying that, I did do a cute little comic last night while I was home alone - I'll finish it today, and will probably have it up pretty soon.

Also, after all the chaos in Japan, I felt horrible about the whole thing, since I take so much from Japan and Japanese culture in my everyday life, I made a picture:

The point of it was to try to encourage people to donate to a charity, so please, either donate to The British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal or the local charity Shelterbox. They're both good causes. =D

So, to love you and leave you, I thought i'd remind you of a 'happenin' gig that's 'happenin' on Monday night (I am SO cool). Moonlet and the Love-Monks will be playing an hour slot in support of The Marwoods. Go watch! Listen! Do some Dad-Dancing! Yeh?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Get Rhythm, when you get the blues.

^You gotta love a bit o' Johnny Cash. =D Ben Lean posted it on his facebook and I've had it stuck in my head since.

So.. things are looking uppity again in the Moonlily camp - I've had a few more potential job offers since last time, which, fingers crossed, will work out some time in the near future. I did have a part time job offer too - which would have fitted in nicely with my illustration work, but I didn't get it. I'm not too bothered though. I have lots of other good things happening to me at the moment anyway. =D

So... just thought i'd draw your attention to a few blogs on here that catch my eye. =D

Stephanie Demelza B Fashion - I absolutely love Japanese Lolita. I use it in my drawings all the time, and I just love the way it looks, and Steph does it beautifully. The photography she's been posting lately is pretty good too. I think i'll have to do an illustration of one of her fashion designs soon. =3

We Take Control - This blog is like an ever changing source of inspiration. =] Really cool stuff.

And lastly, an unofficial Moonlet and the Love-Monks blog: Diary of a Love Monk, from lead singer Joe (since I can't find the main official blog, lol). They're doing very well lately - their last gig was at a charity event for Shelterbox, which went down very well. We're all very proud of them. =]

And that's about it really. =D