Sunday, 10 July 2011

Do you like Toffee and Lemonade? They used to taste so good homemade.

Hmmm... what to report. I'm finding it quite hard to recall what i've been doing lately.

Well... I finished a commission for a manga portrait not long ago:

The person seemed to like it, and i'm pretty pleased with it too. What d'ya reckon?

I've also finished another commission, but since it's a present for someone and hasn't been given to them yet, I probably shouldn't post the pic up here. =P

Other than that, i've been steadily getting through the things I had lined up. I still need to do some doodles for Tony Haven which I said I'd do a while ago and haven't gotten around to it (Tony, if you're reading, then nag me about it!). If you didn't see the last pic I did, it's on the top of his website. Or... yeah, i'll just post it here.

So, what i'm working on right now is two hand painted canvases of my 'Time for Tea' picture. I'm also selling any of my prints to order; £10 for a print of any of my artwork (in the portfolio section of my Facebook!), or £30 for a hand-painted version of an existing artwork. I can also do original art, though it may be a bit more; if you're interested, talk to me about it, and we'll work something out. =]

After that, there's a website I need to work on; a good friend of mine from Uni, Vinita Hemachandra needs a bit of a touch up to her site. Check her out, her work is beautiful, just look:

So pretty. ^_^

And one other thing i'm working on right now:

It's a tattoo design for a friend at work. The finished idea is to have it as a full body chinese dragon, so I have a bit more drawing to do just yet. =3

If you'd like me to design a tattoo for you, just get in touch with me and i'll see what I can do for you. =P

And that's about it!