Sunday, 7 August 2011

Daily use of the drug causes poisoning

An update! It's been a little while, I guess, lol.

So, what have I been up to? Well... I've been busy working at my part-time job, but I have managed to squeeze in a few illos here and there.

It was my birthday not long ago, and like my favourite mangaka group; CLAMP, I thought i'd try using inks to create pictures. So my mum bought me a new set of inks and brushes and I tried out some ink pictures:

I've decided that I really love working with inks. Actually, I've just finished a commission using them, and i'm really pleased with what i've done. The commission was for wedding invites, so I won't post what i've done on here yet, but hopefully i'll be able to show you some time soon. =]

I've been making progress with my list of things that I have to do, so hopefully some time soon i'll be doing those illustration ideas for Tony Haven and the web site ideas for Vinita Hemachandra. I also need to paint two canvases of my 'Time for Tea' picture:

Remember, if you'd like a hand-painted canvas of one of my pictures, just let me know! You can message me on Facebook, Twitter, or from

So, second to last is the poster that I did a few months ago for Moonlet & the Love-Monks, but I've only now been able to post it up, because they haven't used it until now. So here it is:

And... Oh! Look at that! It's advertising a gig that they're playing this coming Friday at The William IV in Truro! It's Free Entry and everything! Well, bugger me. Will I see you there? =D

And, lastly, since it's not really related to what i've been doing, but i'm ecstatic anyway...

My favourite manga in the whole world has just been resumed by it's creators!!!!!!!

I expect a lot of you will have heard me talking about Legal Drug - it's a manga that was created in 2001 - 2003 by my favourite mangaka group ever; CLAMP. It's about a 17 year old called Kazahaya Kudo, who has the empathic ability of being able to see emotions and memories by touch. He and his roommate Rikuo (who also has telekinetic powers) go on all sorts of jobs for their mysterious employer, Kakei, a Seer, who also runs the Green Drugstore, where they all work part-time and live.

I've loved this series for about a year now, and it's made a massive impact to my artwork (as well as my boyfriends bank balance, lol), but it's been on hiatus since 2003, because the magazine publishing it in Japan stopped running. But now it's been picked up again by Kadokawa's Young Ace Magazine, so you can imagine how happy I was when the news came through yesterday morning. Couldn't even concentrate in work yesterday, I made loads of mistakes, lol.