Saturday, 17 July 2010

Tracing patterns in the maze of your back...

So, I have now officially graduated. Huzzah!

The day went fairly well... I won't go into detail, lol.

So today I was in St. Ives with my Ma, happily eating some chips down on the slipway, when one evil bugger of a seagull flew at me! He smacked me in the head with his wing then bit my little finger trying to get at my chips! So I stood up and the chips went everywhere, which of course attracted the rest of the group to my feet where they frantically started pecking at my toes. It was horrible, and I ended up with no chips.

I used this kind of character yesterday too, in a kind of tribute to like-minded people;

For all those people who are, like me, a little bit prickly, without intending to be. I'm not a people person and I never have been, but it dosen't mean I won't like you, i'll just be very 'prickly' until I get to know you. =]