Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Let's hold hands until we're not lonely anymore.

Sooo... just thought i'd post a quick one with this:

Yeah, i'm kind of in the paper this week. =P

It's nothing particularly glamourous, but I'm hoping it'll help my exposure a bit. ^_^

I've also got some things going on with Moonlet and the Love-monks this week - I've got their site to re-design, and meetings to go to with them, to maybe think about their next album. Which means i'll be doing some more artwork for them. =3

And i've also started work on Tony Haven's website - that's something i'll be building tomorrow when I finally get a free day - i've had to shoot down to Cornwall for a birthday, and now it looks like i'll be here for the week (¬_¬), so I may as well get some work done while i'm here, ay? lol.

And on Monday i'll be helping Stuart McGhee with his site. He's another very talented illustrator from the group of Plymouth College of Art 2010 graduates. =3

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