Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Feeling flowery

Well, again, i've left it quite a while since my last update, haven't I? I kind of felt like there wasn't much to update with, but now that i'm actually doing the update, it's not so bad, heh. For a start:

4000 views! It might not seem like a lot to other people, but it means a lot to me, hehe. The writing on the balloon says 'Arigato gosaimasu!' which means 'Thank you very much!' (I'm currently learning Japanese, and i'm up to a Pre-school level, lol.)

Another thing that happened since the last entry:

My 'Lily' picture was used in the August Edition of 247 magazine! Thanks for that! =D

To be honest, I kind of took a little break on the artwork side of things this month; lack of funds and working as much as I can kind of got on top of me. But after going into Hayle on a trip to Mr B's Ice Cream Shop, I noticed a little arcade full of really awesome little shops. There were shabby chic gift shops, little goth shops, camera shops; it was really cool for someone like me. And on the first floor, there's an awesome little gift shop called Maker's Boutique Studio Shop. After talking with the owner, I got a boost of inspiration. Little indie shops like this always catch my interest. =D

So i've started on getting prints together to sell, hopefully i'll take some into Maker's Boutique and see if I have something interesting enough for sale, like this Love Bug print:

And speaking of selling, I'm also currently talking with Minkyshop.com about selling some of my artwork online! Minkyshop is definitely one of my favourite places to shop online; see this awesome Panda Hat I got for my birthday:

I still have a few commissions to be getting on with; I will definitely be starting Vinita Hemachandra's new website this month.

So... I would update with some other stuff too, but I am currently having technical difficulties. Please stand by. =D

Will update sooner next time!