Friday, 18 February 2011

Daily use of the drug may cause poisoning.

So... an update. I haven't updated in a little while - in fact, it feels like I haven't done anything for a while.

That's because i'm going through that horrible period that a lot of creative people go through sometimes, i'm sure, and hell, a lot of university graduates and insecure people go through, in that i'm having a few issues with self-confidence and doubting whether i'm actually good enough.

Now, i'm not fishing for compliments or looking for everyone to start disagreeing with me because I know, more than anyone, that things WILL change, and I WILL feel better, because i've been through this before. I don't post personal things on facebook, but those who know me well will know that when I get down, I get DOOWWWWNNNN.

So lately, i've been in a bit of a block. But I am still trying very hard, I promise you. =]

So, I hope this hasn't bored you, but I thought I ought to update with what i've been doing lately, lol.

Also, I have actually done SOME work, i've got some T Shirts coming on Sale on Monday. They're Moonlet and the Love-Monks band T Shirts and I'll be advertising them on Facebook when I get them on Sunday. But since you're kind enough to read my blog, i'll show you the design now:

If you're interested in buying a T Shirt, let me know by email, Facebook or by commenting on this entry. They cost £10 each, and the money will first be going to setting up my other T Shirt designs, and after the other designs are set up, the money from the band T Shirts will go to Moonlet and the Love-monks. =]

My other T Shirt designs shouldn't be too far behind - if you're interested in buying any of these other designs, let me know which one you like the best. The design that recieves the most attention will be the one that I get printed first.

You can see them better on my facebook page.

So, that's it, I guess! I hope there'll be more to update with next time. I'm sure there will be. =]