Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Stay hard to find.

Well, I thought i'd update with some exciting news - I've been accepted by an illustration agency. =D

I was actually approached by them after my exhibition in London, well... saying that, I was approached by quite a few but not a lot of them seemed actually genuine. This one checked out however, so I decided to send them some stuff and they loved it. They're called Advocate Art, and they promote your work all around the world in different art trade fairs and with over 700 art buyers. So it's looking pretty hopeful. However, i'm trying to keep an even head over it - it might not even work out, so we'll see. It's good news, though, right?

So after I send them back the contracts, we sort of sort my Advocate portfolio out between us, which they then take round to clients, and it's also advertised on their site, but they say they are by no means just an online company. So it's looking really hopeful. Some of their artists have had huge deals with people like Expedia, Discovery Channel and Taylor Swift. =D

In other news, Moonlet and the Love-Monks have now started to accept gigs, which means they'll be playing in and around Cornwall. I have to design some stage props for them to use - they already have the massive frog I had for my exhibition. They're a really original sounding band with interesing instruments, so I fully recommend you check them out if they're in your area. I promise a very good night out! Their first gig is at the Live Bar in Truro on the 4th of October. Be good to see you there!

Thirdly, just a quick note to say that i've updated my website, and it now has a web design pricing page. So if you know anyone who would like a portfolio website for cheap, please direct them to my page.

I think that's pretty much it. Off back to Plymouth later for a little while - I now need to find a part time job to fund my manga habit. =3

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