Friday, 2 April 2010

Kiss me down by the broken tree house...

^^ I have a habit of using song lyrics for titles on my blogs. =]

So... I thought it looked a bit bare in here... so I thought i'd post a picture.

These are from the project i'm doing at the moment; i've decided to go with a different style, but these were... stepping stones, if you will.

This was to illustrate Baika's Jisei poem:

People, when you see the smoke,
do not think
it is fields they're burning.


Next one:

This is for Baiko's Jisei poem:

Plum petals falling
I look up - the sky,
a clear crisp moon.

Also, something else kind of good, I'm doing a website for Marc's Photography company, MB Photos. That's their deviantart portfolio page, so i'll be designing their website in return for some photos. Yay. =3

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