Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I was so happy when you smiled.

Again, i've left it ages between entries. I'm sorry, i'm a very busy girlie nowadays. =]

I guess the first and biggest news is that my artwork is now for sale on two amazing websites!

The very lovely Minkyshop.com and Keep It Secret are now seeling my artwork in their gallery pages! Check out their sites, they both have really awesome stuff. For example, I recieved my Panda Earmuffs in the post this morning, ready for the snow we're apparently meant to get next week!

So i'm all set with my Panda Hat (which some of you have probably seen me wear recently, lol) and my Earmuffs.

(For those who don't know and Xmas present research; I like Pandas.)

And speaking of Xmas presents, wouldn't a print makea spectacular one?

Haha, I know, I know, shameless plugging.

Anyways, the next order of business is one I wanted to post in my last entry, but due to some annoying hiccups, I wasn't able to.

Moonlet and the Love-monks have a new EP out! It's called The Likes of David Bryant (not a reference to an actual person!) and it's now available on iTunes.

Just search for Moonlet and the Love-monks on iTunes and i'm sure you'll find it.

In other news, I have a new Tumblr account: ukiyobutterfly.tumblr.com

It'll mostly be for personal, everyday stuff that I enjoy; books i'm reading, anime, manga, music, moods, that sort of thing, but every now and then I may post doodles and sketches that I probably won't be posting on here or facebook, so do check it out. I hope I don't bore you too much. I do have another personal blog on another site, but it's private, so this is my public equivalent. It's where i'll put all the things that i'm fine with the whole world knowing. =]

So, things i'm working on right now:

Well, i'm still working on Vinita Hemachandra's site. I've got a rough design down, and it's just changing a few things and getting on to actually building the site now.

I've also got some little favours for friends I need to get on with. They involve a logo and a cake design. Diverse. =3

Apart from that, my days have consisted of getting my prints in stock ready to send, and working. I'm thinking about re-doing Moonlil.com at some point too, so watch this space. =D

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