Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Get Rhythm, when you get the blues.

^You gotta love a bit o' Johnny Cash. =D Ben Lean posted it on his facebook and I've had it stuck in my head since.

So.. things are looking uppity again in the Moonlily camp - I've had a few more potential job offers since last time, which, fingers crossed, will work out some time in the near future. I did have a part time job offer too - which would have fitted in nicely with my illustration work, but I didn't get it. I'm not too bothered though. I have lots of other good things happening to me at the moment anyway. =D

So... just thought i'd draw your attention to a few blogs on here that catch my eye. =D

Stephanie Demelza B Fashion - I absolutely love Japanese Lolita. I use it in my drawings all the time, and I just love the way it looks, and Steph does it beautifully. The photography she's been posting lately is pretty good too. I think i'll have to do an illustration of one of her fashion designs soon. =3

We Take Control - This blog is like an ever changing source of inspiration. =] Really cool stuff.

And lastly, an unofficial Moonlet and the Love-Monks blog: Diary of a Love Monk, from lead singer Joe (since I can't find the main official blog, lol). They're doing very well lately - their last gig was at a charity event for Shelterbox, which went down very well. We're all very proud of them. =]

And that's about it really. =D

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